Picture by the curtesy of Dr. Anna Gromova DVM

 Singville & Whisperstar Cattery -Toybob Cats



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Colors: Seal Point (girl), Solid Blue (girl), Solid Black (girl and boy)

​Toybobs are small cats with bobbed kinked tail and proportionally balance bodies. They come in all colors including short and semi-long hair. The breed was developed in Russia, mainly in the regions of the Ural mountains area. Toybob adult size is compared to 3-6 moths old normally developed domestic short hair cats. The average weight for those cats once they reach adulthood is between 4-7 lbs. Toybob cats are playful, sweet and affectionate cats, where the little kinked bobbed tail is no limitation to their great agility.

The Toybob breed is very young breed in feline history. Their first records go back to 1988 in Russia and just about 8 years ago since its first official registration with TICA (The International Cat Association). While many Russian Assocition accepted the breed into championship status, the Toybobs are only in Registration status, seeking its long way for full recognition with TICA. 

The breed is currently on the track to be approved into Championship status in 2018 within the Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) in the USA. 

Toybobs journey in our cattery began in 2012 when we acquired our first female. At that time the breed was little known in USA, as it originated from Russia, it was also very challenging to find more about the breed itself and its history. As we went into the request to bring the breed closer to the "world" we were also very lucky to meet many true feline lovers that encouraged our hearts with warm friendships and mutual passion for this breed. We are now working in a big team of great passionate breeders that are following the foot steps of this breed recognition worldwide. 

Toybobs are known to have a docile personality, making a great companion cat for the family. Because of their inherent playful attitude, they are also friendly with children and family pets. They are also entertaining, sweet and affectionate. They are also not vocal cats. You will rarely hear them expressing any particular "meows". Toybobs are very brave,  curious, and will follow you everywhere you go. You must even be careful while walking because they will be just by your feet non stop. Sometime they act little shy while house guest are visiting however after few minutes they warm up to them fast and show their sweet personalities.  They love to stretch their little bodies as the great yoga masters and often roll over in a way of showing their affection.

Toybob get along well with other pets, especially if they like to play and snuggle. As soon as someone sits down, Toybob comes quickly across to charm its way up on your lap. This small cat goes from hand to hand and from lap to lap. Despite their petite size they are great jumpers to acquire vertical nights at your home. If you are looking to live with Toybob you do not need lots of space, only love, soft hands, lots of cuddle and attention.

Our cattery goal is to preserve the Toybob breed at its best. Our serious dedication, experience in breeding and commitment allows us to produce kittens with the highest quality of  health, temperament, personality and beauty!!!

These beautiful cats are extremely loved, cared for, and socialized so they can adapt easily to their new homes. We also have few partners that we work with very closely by mentoring their breeding.

Please email us if you wish to learn more about the breed at  info@toybobcat.com